Before Winter Ends

At least someone is coming back to life
M. Schumacher it is for now
Like we learnt in the University class –
There is no one truth for now
No grand narrative, no unique motive
-there is also not one joy endless in store
But joys in little bursts, sometimes pauses
Between hurried flights of stressful time
Before the one big complete pause of all
Before the body poses angelic gestures
Before it reeks of hopeless dead rubber
And of the joys of the fabled relief of ever after
And the crowd chit chatting out of grief; sought after
In memory of little time described vividly there after

( Even joy is in joyous dreams and
joyous is the recollection of dreams)

In an end, in a halt, in a free fall – find you can none of joy
Boy, like no joy there is like unceasing eternal winning ploy