Heart Attack

Flippant sage,
uncertain of his terms of reference,
seeking employment,
for virtue,
to reek of truth,
to renege of falsity,
pledging allegiance to nothing,
but, his own self,
and maybe love,
bitten, and battered,
by time,
jovial, but depressed,
assaulted by fate,
ghastly turns,
all chosen,
what burns,
the inner fire,
beneath quiet doors,
winter morn brings,
no more joy,
but frivolous agony,
thoroughbreds make merry,
as his puerile mind,
sinks the head,
beneath subterranean meanderings,
in thought, brushed aside by emotion,
feel love,
i hear,
in my heart,
all i find is,
the quantifiable misery of a heart attack!