(Gopalpur on Sea)


rising round bright orange sun splashing into the sea

while Telugu boy collects charred remains of night gone glee

saline soul, saline sunlight, saline sand, saline sea

untiring, unceasing turning tides on; fishermen return to flee

sun’s shadow gone longer, the water shone shall be

the sound, the silence, the roar of the sea take turns to breathe the sea breeze


fishing boats look like fish far-off as they cross the long shadow of the sun

goldpot gold sea, chameleon master art is the sea; for once

peace at the end of sunrise, cold peace, lonely bones do freeze

can I walk on the sun gleam, blinded , across to the boat under horizon sleek

gulp in raw sea fish, chewing even the bones, churning empty stomach spree

if the sages could right, I would sing song and astride, on sea a lonely joyous ride