I wonder if we

Will ever sit

And consider

Whether it makes any sense

At all,

That astride this wave of knowledge

Lighting away the dark ignorance

And the myriad cries of joy

Evoked by wondrous creatures

And caves and waves,

Fish and cheese,

Star and stargazer,

Flight and night,

Sight and might,

Tablet and telephone,


Will we sit

And wonder

Whether we are worth

A little more wonder


But this matter is confusing

Like parallel sand bars at the horizon

Each competing to the distant onlooker


We cannot see ourselves

But in colours

And levels

And shapes

And classes

Or masses

Distant specks surrounding our sight

Occupying our sound

Infecting our smell


But, it is not wonder

That those infidels

Who we obey as gods

Sometimes choose to reveal the pattern

Of those specks

All around us,

In sincere hope

That we may begin to wonder

What wondrous hope there is!