is such a soothing soft word no

it can easily be my favourite word

to be cushioned – if Ginsberg

felt to be the self-prophetic

master of the universe

with complete command

over his poems, is he honest

in only but a few handpicked ones

“probably a piece of Howl,

a piece of Kaddish

and a piece of The Change…

and one or two moments of other poems”

what about those written

atop cushions, perhaps

seeing imaginary stars

real at dawn light , are they

faded done and dusted

what if you sit on cushion

hours on a stretch sleepless

one twenty on a stretch!

is it a competition then

between whose cushion is more soft

and whose anxiety more anxious

than all of the epoch’s put together

what of this epoch, these days

cushioned are they not from all our gaze

acknowledging cushions is it worthy of praise

the cacophony of words be it misplaced

is itself a capture of an anxious alienation from real ache

or is it just smudging the face with half baked cake

okay let’s not make humour these are  genuine claims

I agree, I am confused too

but to mismatch priorities

by supposing poetry a place

in a lexicon of an aura of daze

is like pictures concocted on instagram

where the cacophony of colours make

compositions so perfect all experience must fade

words repeated, repeatedly have rendered

the objective of a conscious contradictory fictive bait

poetry my friend then is not an argument

produced from pushes and pulls and debate

like a race! fuck Ginsberg too

it is only a recourse never a rave

but yes hatred it is, layers and layers of it

mashed and marinated with care

such that any small wound too

is deep cut cutting blood blue

complete command will come if it does

let the moment let it be

let’s not really not sit nor stand but wait

who is to judge experience for all

but a jurist is all everyone is these days

meanwhile my friend

what of loneliness thick –

not solipsistic mind you, but secretive

doubting every doubt that arises silence –

the only one universal, for now

i seem to unceasingly conjure with unflinching faith