The better muse

Hail you sultans of swing

Gnawing away pages

With your clever lyric

I cannot stand or sit

When i see your faces

Painted in so many colours

I hide behind cardboard boulders

And pin holes so that i can catch a glimpse

Smell your fumes

I giggle in closed rooms

With curtains blocking any sunlight

And write half baked poems

Those poems are not all eulogies

To your deft pen-like gestures

Neither are they mockumenting your rise

They are gestures similar to yours

But indefinite

Like a feet testing how cold the river is

Sometimes the feet rushes into the water

And the body shivers

The lung shrieks

But on most times

You dab a little and gently enter

Letting the cold move you to joyous tears

My half baked poems express moments

When the silence of winter night

Cushions your anxiety

And leaves that fraction

For verse to enlighten

The experience

For some it could be

And  I mean in all honesty

A long winded expression of flatulence

Every moment suggests

A possible reclined contemplation

Cushioned by silence

But, the sultans somehow

Don’t appear to relish the silence

But, recite the noise in their own words

They somehow seem to relish

The cacophony

It enlightens them

Can I not suggest that I’m

A little confused

Considering i sense anxiety trembling in any walking soul these days

The fangs of everyday labour

The constant fluttering banners

The hysteria at tragedy

To be not anxious

In these days is infinitely impossible

And delightfully blissful

But, unless there’s some magic

I cannot consider anxiety to be so absent

That silence is to be distanced

Muses surround your minds

Because sound is the ultimate muse

It reminds us of the now

And sound sensed like a branch inseparable from the tree

Throbbing and living

In it, through it, and with it

But, i maybe wrong

In that case my anxiety may be false

But then I begin to be anxious about my alienation from my anxiety

And could you write something about that,

Something sensible

Worthy of putting to memory


(Published in Muse India: Issue 54: Mar-Apr 2014-