Bury In Snow


your time will come

when it will come

behold patiently cushion up

don’t tumble off the wires spread

at ease as if in sleep, patiently


let winters set

kindly hold pen carve

out branches

on paper cut out right

dim light

eyes murky

let breeze wet

into the night

your sun will shine

when it will shine

be quiet befriend

the beast within

with brittle words

set in terrible verse

the idea will come

when it will come


your own

frame it

let it hang

and then sail

pale be the eyes

not the body pale be

for when morning

routine floods in

rushed haste time

go beyond the

initial phase of worry

to numb palaces

where sound is deaf

but you hear there

the silence cold

hear your heart

sink in some more

for time will come

when it will come

in ever so plenty more