makes letters go sour

leafs’ colour changes into flower

over time distance advances two lengths

post box communication reclaims telephone

distance makes appearances be just one of the many at the bar

face transforms every facet of your being taking you far too far

apprehensions stark

livid and dark

haunt like clouds

at early dawn rise

distance makes bonds brittle like they would crack at a crackle sound

romance fills the air just like so much breeze fills the air all year round

letters do very bore

on loop repeat is history tour

day to day schedule exchanged time

awkward recesses replace rabid hours

distance makes fault lines appear too soon before even the fortnightly moon

trust stales like dust in rain, ugly and smudged, settling in perforated cocoons

beards thick

gloomy and sick

itch you, kisses bask

the old glory that is past

distance makes you a trifle smart

smarter than the local bard

avoidance is a tactful holy art

faithful than the faithless heart