A Honeymoon Plea



not to make you jealous

but to share extreme loneliness at its thickest best

at the banks of the Betwa –  where you

when younger smelt the empty civilization’s reek –

the river mad gushing waves an inch below my feet

rocks hiding me, invisible, drunk, pitch dark

slowly, patiently, haze forms bubbles on the surface of water

no human in sight, can i dance naked all night, but for some animals

some animals i might encounter on my way back

the foresty path to my hotel room, but you know

i could stay here too, all night, if both sight and weather permit!


i wake up in bed, midnight or quarter to three

are you asleep? in dreams it is easier to make believe

dried blood on my scraped knees

all these letters I write furiously to you on a spree

are invitations without a stamp or an expiry lease

my pen’s ink is but betraying me, be quick

be free, be ready in time for next, to flee