A Million Verses

Ha Ha Ha


SMS me ok!


I gratefully accept

your invitation

to write

a million verses

till you fill

my belly

with currency

throbbing with a jugular

swimming in a sea of its own kind

drumming and dredging

shifting and sliding

all complete

within its own time and species!


However, I have a special request

Do not be curt

if I choose to imitate,

if not lines,

then maybe conventions,

calling a green paddy field

a sea of green

or shouting loud

the beauty of

date palms and their silhouettes

or even mentally picturing

a maze of electric wires


Of course,

I must mention a clock sometime,

time must swing like

the invisible pendulum

deemed obsolete by time, itself

Or maybe note

the veins popping on your temple

and remember the crisscrossing rivers

that dot the Deccan, somewhere, somehow!


But, then these may bore you

and you may want better lines

talking about confusion

using swift wordplay,

like gentle caresses

cavernous embraces

or jocular dignity.


But, I have no muse

so before all this gibberish

go searching the mountains,

pass J. and S.,

meet snake charmers

under forbidden garhs

sweeten your tea

with brown-ed sugar

and then maybe

I could write a million verses

whether you pay me or not!