Breaking Communication


with the moon withdrawn

entirely behind the cloud

of late everything lately

out of cue, out of sound

forgets what has to be said

when what has to be said

is, what has to be said

and that’s all that has to be done

feverish, not in sync

mere thoughts are futile links

apology for too much self discipline


a bed, the only of its kind

with crumpled sheets

in the house where everything else

prim and prime, with

dust, stains, disorder kicked out

stinks of a night gone by, all pungent and dry


wake up late to self demonstrate

till lunch linger on between breaks

of sleep, drool and nightmarish wake

hunger weakens every routine

catch up time is lost I mean

stutter, fumble, halt, repeat


fill pages after pages

with nothing to conceive

every stanza catching up on a previous beat

leave early the receptors are on leave

fix me not with talk will you please?