up there

is a murder

on a narrow alley night

“live positively”

at the back of a fanta bottle

filled up with yesterday’s warm water

staring blankly at empty space

no day no sun no survivor

windless sky no wind sky still

summer trap, exposed of trash

an abode of trees with you on lease

is absent in every absent voice

rejoice, for all that there is

muted deafened laughter


down stairs

placed at their exact place

old senile men

hallucinating delirious drooling

ice licking creams off sticks, lollies slurping

all morning all evening all night

all day dogs dulled out

transform, howling all out, all since

light dims, sky haze filled, sprawls

bright orange, bawling into night

is what they meant by the end this

the end so furiously fought

thick fever plagues, lamp shade waves

biting nails bleed murder, measured and misplaced