Whats ‘appening?

The morning sun

Crackles along with termite eaten branches

Into different streams

Of light

Peeking into minds

So bright and light


These streams like lines

On the wall of time

Are inching further

Along the canvas

Spewing venom and jargon

Invented anew


I see the minds

That make these lines

Forgetting the either and the or

Socialism or capitalism

Nurture or nature

Instead smart is now smart phone


The androids marching

Taking the vangueard

Duel on best apps

And elegant taps

Slithering screens

Alphanumeric beams


Touch that, slide that

Drag this, and voila!

Install, adjust, reinstall

Zoom in, zoom out,

Face to face,

Whats ‘appening?


I am scared of technology,

They will say,

And I am afraid,

To think aloud,

In screens and tablets,

Which sounded better with cold water


And a winter breeze!