To Build A Burrow


With everyone getting busier by the day

I get lucky, I slip all of myself away.

“Oh shit! I completely forgot about it” (you)

I’m glad. “It’s okay, I managed fine.” (without you)

Silence. Pray with silent voice. Pray

for solitude, it is best explained in rain.

Pray for rain. Before the summer even begins to trade

its thirst, its sweat, its seasoned sour taste.

Plans of escape may have to be replaced

as I remain rooted at place, while others fade.

“Travel, you go travel to the Far East or to the Far South

devour the local fruit, see the sea, you must.”

Never join them but. Let them go without you.

Because they seek maps, ways to reach the wise sage.

Never will they go astray, never will they find their way.

Never will they find you, here or away.

Never leave. Be still. Let them pass.

Never tell tales – “I wanted to badly come, but.”

Be brave. Hit the storm, alone, let its rage

capture you, nervous breaks, spasms shake.

Let trees around you ruffle and leaves hide you forever, in a heap of haze.