Who are they?

Three score and a little more,
An intrepid folk wrote lore,
Whether we is the essence of I,
And thither they left it to dry

Next morning, we all awoke
Fresh from freedom’s stroke
To find them grabbing the crown
In front of the silent town

Who are they? We thought
‘US’- we were taught
In discoloured rooms
Alien to brooms

Sitting in paid wagons
We bowed before these dragons
Venom coagulating with fire
Justice always for hire

Then another day came along
When peasants broke into song
And dreary workers ill-paid
Decided to blockade all trade

But, potbellied soldiers marched
Asses and chests were searched
Thousands waited for more
While the rich whispered it to be a bore

And the fences were planted
The slogans demanded
The dragons coughed and cried
Their tears soaked and dried

The story goes on
Victory awaits anon!

(Published in Muse India: Issue 54: Mar-Apr 2014- http://www.museindia.com/regularcontent.asp?issid=54&id=4868)