A Parasitic Gaze Into Pause


so beautiful you are so

early at dawn when you wake

with cheekbones still satiated with

sleep, you yawn with a smile, putting me at ease

shrugging me from my stupors of peace

I have not yet slept a wink, I

kiss you, you savour my lips

at times a lot more than a kiss

we intertwine our souls, touching every pore

of our bodies, we shake our warmth with warmth so warm


I finally get to some sleep

crashing on the same bed, you just left

to get up to get dressed, now

you have this house to yourself, except

for this drunken sleeping man on your bed, almost dead

you leave me, for work, sound, still, locking me up

with keys safely tucked under your sleeve


I wake up post noon, blinds still droop

cooking, sleeping, eating and reading

walking, writing, dreaming and rhyming

oh you’re back so soon! it is hours past noon!


I serve you your food, with the right spoon

I feed your flames, your rants and dismays of the day

with dinner done, we part our ways to separate rooms

the only two rooms, time so scarcely precious

we space ourselves, our lives, our routines into neat boxed spaces


on your holidays though, we let out all the muck

and spruce ourselves, prim and proper with music, melody and carnal bliss

tucked in bed, like forever to forget

we build castles of mud, fornicating follies without fuss


last week was however such, I refused to not suck

into my room, dreaming dread-lessly face into my pillow crushed

I stayed on violating food, thirst and a craving for lust

you wondered if I had gone astray

and you ask me now if I further intent to stay

holding me to unwrite every word capable of no play