Here and now

I didn’t know his name

until the last moment

when he closed his eyes

and winced at the pain

that relieves him

from the misery

that surrounds all

of us that walk

this desert!


Where flowers

are crushed

in earthen vases

to scent up

old houses

and their masters

who smirk

at their bulging



That are made of wood

so hard

that sound cannot pass

nor light

only termites

and their scion


Where others starve

in small alleyways

crossing themselves

to a million gods

licking the salt

that condenses

on each others



So I think

that you left

in a hurry

when a story

was about to begin

you the hero

among many more


who are now

hidden behind screens

touching their wrists

to wonder

if there ever

was some blood

that passed through

a few months back


Somewhere surrendering

their passports

to heavenly authorities

clad in white shields

of myriad shades

all brighter than

the rest


Of humanity

clogged up in

bespectacled brains

and narrow castles

hidden in hills

where smoke rises

from chimneys

not vertically

but horizontally


fleeing the agony of rising




curled up in cushions

screwed to their hips

with permanent

nuts and bolts


that the feet must rest

too often

unless they begin

to run further


from the succour

of milk and honey

converted into



written in verse

for screen and remote


So I think I’ll stop


because I am

in my city,

as my friend says,

and so I’m going home

to sleep

while you stay awake

and plagiarise

your life

before a

hall of mirrors!