Dream To Dream


Dreams are a continuous flow in my lowly low

I dream late night, I dream in broad daylight

I dream when I descent, I dream in ascent

I dream of days, months and years in front

In hours, minutes and seconds slow

Till I am at the foot of the lifelike

Day of the dream


I can smell the moist breeze

Your breathe

And feel the waves of the sea wetting our feet


It is not surreal, but simply real

The buzz, the excitement, it is all very clear

I’ve dreamt of it, far too many times

for it to be anywhere close to unreal


What is this time

So stripped, so stark

I’ve grown too old

So young at heart

Having dreamt a dream

In which a poem streams

I fly blue feelings

In waves within a pyre

Of blots and smudges and spots and stains