Infuriate Your Rage


Don’t just talk more rape, so vague

There is enough already, too hard to escape

Rape, rape, rape

It’s all over the place


Every twitch of the bone

It’s probably a bit too late


But if you insist

Then please persist

And do talk about rape

Not so that it dies out in two days

But such that blood boils

Veins thicken, burst out

Blood spills

Into pools, one too many


And while you’re at it

Please don’t just post it

On facebook or twitter

Or else the blood will splutter

And die out

In anguish of those who might suffer

When cowardice will flourish

And repeat itself

Like in a maze of haze

Some more rape

Some more horror

Will follow

Parent’s concerns

To more restrictions on girls

Denials, farcical untruths

Sacrifice, for every future bruise


If you really wish to make it a safer space

Don’t just sit here in your place

Concealed with embellished dandy condoms

Of fake self praise

Inflated egos; puncture them

Poke them, choke them

Nauseate them


Don’t just sit here in your place

Talking about my rape, your rape

But question our collective rape

Of our bodies too frail

Of our brains too stale

Save your face, its too cold to rape

At spine-chillingly too riotous a pace