is the way

you and I

are going about with our lives

you and I

those who have

lost touch

with ourselves

and the world at large

those of us

who managed

to slip ahead

solely on praise

but blame others for their slow pace


lets live our lives

and not just love them

like we have been taught to

lets jump into the sea

deeper than deep can be

lets be quick to dismiss

each and everything we claim to believe and be

hit someone hard, punch drunk

blind; someone you blindly hate

not be nice, for the sake of being nice

be rude, be crude, sail on an empty cruise

slip from a mountain, to slip into a hole

crave for the moon, the stars and the sun, much too very soon

before each one appears and disappears, like in a dream when you croon


fraud, fraud

it is all fraud

as one Manto would say

over and over again

on repeat, like a favourite beat

it must be reinforced, forced

calm, must be disturbed

create ripples

on a hollow tune

like a loon, boom

before we be content once again

and go back to our cocoon



all rhymes

that reason preempts

draw contrary drawings

images of your own

that speak for your self

tunes out of cue, to hue

them of colours all blue

speak for your self

and only you

dance with all

let loose free fall

in love, dig deep

deep into deep shit