So Starkly Severe


While coming back from Germany I met another man,

who when wanting to go to the moon,

wanted me to accompany him there.


Okay I said, let’s go then

not just to the moon,

but where ever else you may want me to go.


He said, sure then

let’s go to the booze shop instead.

I said fine, if you say so

and off we went to the nearest booze shop.


There we bought a quarter each of nonchalance and bliss.


I took the bliss and he the nonchalance,

who downs first, let’s see, we said

and in unison we brought the bottles to our mouths.



Into the forest

I told him; holding his hand,

pushing him along with me inside.


Long eucalyptus trees

with the river gushing below

and rocks, on whom we sit.


We see cats, we see lions,

all like the very same.


A blue butterfly froze in between our enamoured eyes.


We followed it with our gaze

till it becomes too far off to sight.


We walked; we sat on the river bank.

We drank, we laughed, we cried.


But when it came to bid goodbye,

we waited till the sun would set and the next one too,

till there remained, too many of them, to set right.