Oedipus at the Gallows

an infant in pain

screaming, screeching

till his lungs are numb

but he continues on

ceasing never to stop


is there no way

to shut him up?

soothe him, allude him

denude him with toffees, or a suck

from his mother’s jugs


but the mother, she is poisonous

her breasts slit off

she sings to silence pain

and keep her boy sane

flooding his ears with sounds of pseudo rain


she gave up all joys

she gave up her voice

selfless, she has always been

howling in sleep she was seen, seething

with pain, pain a pitiful bane


Published in Le Zaporogue 13 (Les Editions du Zaporogue, Janvier,2013)

Online Pdf Edition: http://www.lulu.com/shop/various-authors/le-zaporogue-13/ebook/product-20616370.html;jsessionid=B8E1E3252B95F86F1D53511FB58628E5