Act Naturally

I’d rather not put words to my mouth

Or my pen

For when, I do

They leave a sour trace

Which you may still pseudo-ly praise


Stop! Let the words flow

Onto their own, through

Ink, they sink

And gather dust, signs

Which you may never severely misplace


I’d rather not leave tears in my eyes

Or in my lens,

For when, I do

They leave a damp haze

Which you may inadvertently mistake


Stop! Let the tears flow

Tup, tup, tup

For when you hold, they fold

Into your deepest blue

Which leaves you regrettably run low


Published in Le Zaporogue 13 (Les Editions du Zaporogue, Janvier,2013)

Online Pdf Edition:;jsessionid=B8E1E3252B95F86F1D53511FB58628E5