The Tiny Stone on top of an arch

My fellow blocks

laugh at me

mock my size


I lay tucked in between

giant boulders

of creamy descent


Humble in manner

I can easily disappear

into the beauty that surrounds me


Cast me in iron,

or mould me in stone

I am there, somewhere


I have seen monarchs

lie in turgid mausoleums

incense fading into fungus


I know my secret

so do a few more

how i came to be


And, yet, when you look

up at that magnificent arch

you are bewildered


why so small a specimen

like me,

perches atop


So, let me unfold

my mystery

educate block and blockhead alike


that i stand guard to

the peaceful sleep of my beloved king

and his other stalwart blocks


in my humble gauntness

I am the wedge that divides

and holds,


What is mine cannot be yours!