Fading Vivid Days

In school

During elocution and recitation

I always made it through

The first rounds

But somehow ran to the grounds

To run


Be it in sun

Or in the cold


On the grounds

During presentations and facilitations

I always bumped

At first, lost in claps

And cheers


Of glory

Tearing like a newbie

Hugging like a freebie


I remember

Those frosty foggy mornings

Where we stood in queues

So many different kinds

Where I, always first or second

In order

Could not even see, till half way back

We jumped and clapped

Felt like being in all kinds of traps

Huffing and puffing

Panting and coughing

And blowing our leaky noses

We would depart

In prim and proper ways

Which I would break

To go back and meet

My taller, dearer compadres