who are you?

Laugh, you snide, miserable minds

you cannot see me where I stand

pledging allegiance to your souls

seeking retribution for your sins

justifying your parlance

prostrate before idols, you worship


And where am I to stand

not on your royal head

which reeks of embalmed blood

stolen from lost generations

nor in any of our stables

rented out to macho steeds


I cannot be your carriage

not your horse

or your bullock

or your meat

and the hoof is too sacred

for even rust bows in terror


Then i must disappear

so that melodies can

be written to profit

your beastly bellies

or your wives carbuncled

jewels cast in the earth that i touched


Let my venom

bring forth flower

and let my guts

fertilise your treasures

and let my humble brow

coil around your shit-


so that you can be you

and I, the grimace of beastly swine,

yours to devour!